CAN YOU HEAR ME LORD?

 Tears running down my face, this face created 
 By you,

 Lie do I when to those I say there's no pain, I cry.

 It Is you O' Lord who sees me as sitting here I 

 Within myself the answers are not found, am I a 
 Good man?

 Help me, rid me of this sorrow eating away at my 
 Crying heart,

 Listen to me, can you hear me Lord, can you hear 
 My thoughts?

 Are you near Lord, are you with me as I ask of you 
 To love me,

 Comfort this foolish, pain soaked man of a thousand 

 Let me hear of a song that says love still lives 
 In our world,

 Give me something to hold On to as I dream and breathe.

 Can you hear me Lord, will you hear me tonight,

 As I drift off to sleep will you sit with me, will you 
 Say goodnight?

                 Keith Garrett

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