WHAT MY EYES SEE

 My eyes see differently than once a child did see,

 Reality of all that's around, a world of recognized 

 What my eyes see are not the coloring books and cartoons,

 Not the exploring of our neighborhood and childish ways.

 Not the magical world from a young boy's eyes lost 
 With time,

 What my eyes see are a different kind of beauty and 
 Some insanity.

 This world has changed along with the changes in me,

 What my eyes see are so many things that I never dreamed.

                 Keith Garrett

2 thoughts on “WHAT MY EYES SEE

  1. Interesting poem! and it made me thinking philosophically, are the eyes the same? are you the same person if you have changes physically and mentally? Is there a single identity of “self” as time flows unidirectional? Is there something that is unchanged (like a soull) that we are cognitively incapable of perceiving, because of our limited ability of perceiving only 3 complete and 1 partial dimension? Or it’s just some old morphed information that our brain carries/remembers that we call as “self” ? the question still stands “To be or not to be ?”

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