"THE MEANING OF LIFE
 Does God have a plan, what Is his plan, could this 
 Be his experiment,     
 From our first breath until our last breath there Is 
 Life in between.
 The mystery of why we are here Is perhaps overthought, 
 What is this life,       
 We walk and dream In this short existence known to us 
 As forever.
 The meaning of life appears very simple and not so 
 Confusing dear one,           
 Sit back and listen as I give my heart felt thoughts 
 Of where we are and why.
 Watch the trees, see them dance against the unseen 
 But softly felt breeze,          
 Do you believe what has been put before you and me, 
 Understand the gift.
 Love and laughter, pain and sorrow, must be a feeling 
 For all to know,             
 All that lives Is born to die, from the beginning of time 
 We age and say goodbye.
 See the mountain and walk Its' path, step by step, time 
 Will pass into tomorrow,            
 The sky travels, It Is the clouds that guide the way, see 
 All things that are dreamed.
 The ocean will be, after on this Earth you and I are but  
 A memory, hear the ocean,
 Put your feet Into the sandy beach, feel the sand, walk 
 Along the timeless shore.
 Touch another's heart with the love and care that Is 
 Possessed by you, Reach out,
 Let go of the tears of many years with a forgiving smile 
 That lasts a lifetime.
 If we see the sunrise, will we see the sunset again the 
 Same day,            
 Are we blind, do we take for granted the beauty of our 
 When It rains do we cry about that which falls down upon  
 Us, do we wonder why,          
 Listen for the sound, take In the drops of life that take 
 Us way on down the road.
 The meaning of life and the world according to me Is from  
 Inside all that this man may see,
 God has laid these truly wonderous things before us, to  
 See, to dream all that can be.

                Keith Garrett

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