THEY TRIED TO TAKE OUR FARM

 To sweat and actually bleed, long hot days giving 
 Our all,

 When the rooster crows we are already starting the 

 What it takes to keep a farm, everyone pulling together 
 As one,

 You'll find out quick that no one will care, so you  
 Better Care more.

 The government decided they wanted our land, they asked 

 We said no! we don't want to sell, that wasn't really a 
 Question you see.

 They got mean, we decide to get meaner, no one is taking 
 Our farm,

 Here we'll stand with guns in hand, die if we must, this 
 Is our land.

 Together as one women and men we were ready to fight for 
 A Farm, our home,

 They tried to take our farm, we prayed for peace, we  
 Want This not to be.

 In the end we did not fall, we said it all, they went  
 Away This is our home.
                                Keith Garrett

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