WORLD OF TIME

 From the hands of time to the international 
 Date line,

 We take our time from Greenwich, the hourglass is 
 Our sand of time.

 Wrist watches, stop watches, twelve months in a year,

 Fifty two weeks, three hundred and sixty five days.

 Twenty four hours to our day, is it long enough to 
 Live and play?

 Minutes disappear, seasons tick away.

 We work about eight hours with what we do,

 Forty hours a week, we're never through.

 Maybe two days off, forty eight hours to rest,

 Only so much time to love and visit with anyone.

 Time to feed the kids, time to feed the dog,

 Not enough time to stay young, awake and start the clock,

 A world of time, always on the mind.

                     Keith Garrett

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