LIST OF FRIENDS

 I go back in time to a city in my mind,

 Memories, a list of friends in my heart and thoughts.

 Yorba Linda is where I'll travel, a beautiful spot,

 I saw them at school, weekends in the pool.

 Sitting on their porch, hanging around at the park,

 The donut shop, a pizza with a few to start.

 Riding our bikes down to the baseball field,

 Tastee-freeze for an Ice cream in the heat.

 Remember the hills before they were taken away,

 We hung out together, dreaming was real.

 Seven eleven, down in the greenbelt,

 Names of many different streets, homes of a list of 

 I remember all of you as I grow a bit older each day,

 Those special moments in the sun, never forgetting the 
 Things we had done,

 My list of friends, from a place that still lives.

                   Keith Garrett  

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