THE CAPED CRUSADERS

 Do you remember? If  you were a child, an adult 
 Would know,
 Nineteen sixty six was the beginning of a super  
 Heroes show.
 I watched as there were villians, Batman and Robin 
 Would only know,
 I collected cards when I was a child, the bat mobile 
 And all they acquired.
 Between a world of reality and make believe, Batman 
 And the boy wonder were a child's dream,

 A call from the commissioner that a criminal was back in 
 Town, the bat signal was found.
 The Bat boat, the Bat copter, so amazed was I by the Bat   
 Cave, down the poles on their way,

 Masks and capes, crazy weapons to help them on their  
 Journey To stop the criminally insane.

 Remember their names, so many to say, Joker, Riddler, 
 Catwoman, And penguin, are a memory,
 So many villians, can you think of their names, look   
 At Their Faces, a child once again.
 Batman and Robin, a comical team, Bruce Wayne and Dick  
 Grayson Were reality in a dream,
 Let's not forget Alfred, butler and keeper of secrets in 
 Between, Gotham city and fantasy.

                                 Keith Garrett

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