A hero just as anyone, he refused to carry a gun,

 They called of him a coward, a warrior, he stood tall.

 Of his country he did believe, they did not care about 
 His beliefs,

 Daws the coward was his name, world war two, death is 

 Hero without a gun, a man who did as much as anyone,

 He was strong as they thought he did not belong, without 
 A gun.

 He stayed behind, physically and mentally a man who gave 
 It his all,

 Afraid just as any man, never a coward, strong as anyone 
 Fore he had no gun.

 He walked, he ran through the war without a weapon to 
 Call his own,

 A hero for sure, coward, a word never breathed in a 
 Lifetime no more.

                     Keith Garrett

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