EVERYBODY HURTS SOMETIMES

  Everybody hurts, everybody cries sometimes, 

  Everybody wants to be needed,  can you even

  I am crying from within my soul, take a look within my 

  I want you to hear my words, does anybody care what  
  Happens To Me now?

  Everybody loves at one time, tears, as if one day it  
   Drifts Away, Do you cry?

  Is it possible to love just one more time, time slips   
  Away Into An Olden age.

  Everybody hurts sometimes, are we gathered here for 
   One Last  Time?

  Does it hurt when life is so unkind, there are ghosts   
  That Linger Within My mind?

  Everybody hurts, are we all alone within our thoughts 
   WhenvThe Lights Go out?

  Shed a tear for the world tonight, everybody hurts, is  
  Everything Alright Tonight?

                                             Keith Garrett


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