A WORLD OF SICKNESS

  As the world grows older we see that with it the 
  World grows crowded,

  So many people cover the lands stretching far and  
  Wide, The world does not grow,

  This is a beautiful place that has been given to us all 
  But Together we are losing.

  Survival may be harder than it was hundreds of years 
  Ago As we can not sleep wherever,

  We can't just wake from sleep and shoot our breakfast, 
  The creek is not always there.

  To camp beneath any given tree is now frowned upon as 
   Our Society changes towards the rich,

  Desperation and anger are greater than ever before, this  
  We Hear each day from words spoken.

  Protests over many issues that do not change, only the 
  Mistrust For those high above, grow,

  Deceived daily are we, sometimes by the people we may 
  Know But Scarier those who control.

   Lies, broken promises, pay-offs from hand to hand, 
   Between Powerful people and government man,

  The fight to own but in the end they'll take from you 
   Your Home, We are violated as they spy, fear grows.

  A world of sickness lives as we struggle to keep our health 
   And Sanity, Never ending traffic brings hell,

   A world of sickness forever grows, because the more  
   Human Form, the bigger The tumor becomes strong.

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