"TO BE REMEMBERED"

  What Is the worth of a man or woman, who 
  Will judge,
  We are born Into the world, this place we call Earth.

  Stranger's are we as to each other we first see,

  Becoming a family as we grow with the years.

  As an Individual, how do we judge ourselves In the
  Mirror of time,
  A time to be born, and as the clock ticks we have our 
  Day to be gone.
  Am I a good and decent man who shares a smile with 
  A stranger,
  A woman so kind and generous that her own pain Is 
  Not shared.
  To be remembered by those who are loved In the 
  Greatest way,
  To know that In their heart's lives a place for you 
  We came Into this world with no promises of 
  Everlasting Friends,
  That special love was not given to us so that alone we 
  Could not live.
  Selfish are the ones who wish unhappiness to those 
  Who are happy,
   Letting go or saying goodbye Is a gesture so kind of 
  The heart.
  To be remembered for a smile, a hug, or a listening ear 
  Is of worth,
  To be judged Is not of any loved ones fore we judge 
  Ourselves with
  The truth that rests In our heart and souls, 

  To be remembered Is to be good and decent, kind 
  And generous,
  A good person, man to woman.

                                    Keith Garrett                                                

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