On a dirty street, in a western town back in time,  
  The gallows,

  He is the hangman, stands always still as the shadows 
  Drift with time.

  He is everywhere, face covered always in a mask of 

  Not a ruler  but he holds the authority to life and 

  A noose hovers, it sways with the wind, waiting for 
  Those Who sin,

  You  didn't just break the law, the ultimate crime lived 
  In your mind.

  A life you did take, murder will get you a date with the 

  Many years ago when life was hard on the trail, guns an 
  Every day tool.

  When a man chooses the wrong road, decisions of 
  Criminal Deeds will do him in,

  The hangman will watch as you climb the stairs, each 
  Step you will sweat.

  A choice you have made, time to pay, the hangman 
  Does have his day.
                                  Keith Garrett

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