LEGENDS OF THE OLD WEST

  They came from a time chosen for them,

  Became that which they were from many circumstances.

  Right or wrong, bad or good, these are the legends of 
  The old west,
  The men and women whom survived as they did.

   From Wyatt Earp to the Dalton gang, these names,

   Doc Holliday and Calamity Jane, once walked.

   Bat Mastersen, Buffalo Bill Cody, and wild Bill Hicock,

   Men of the old west, a different time and place.

   Annie Oakley, or General George Custer, another two,

   Frank and Jesse James, robbing banks and trains.

   Billy the Kid at a young age, killed a few,

   Pat Garrett the sheriff, shot him down.

  From the Alamo, they fought and died, back in time,

  Jim Bowie did fight, Davey Crockett no longer alive.

   Sitting bull and Geronimo, Cochise, Indians of stories,

   Were a different breed, lived and died as they believed,

    Legends of the old west, stories in time.

                                     Keith Garrett

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