LAST NIGHT I DREAMED

  Last night I dreamed I lost a child,

  The horror, sadness, all emotions seemed so real.

   As if someone had taken him away,

   Searched did I everywhere, Oh! the pain.

   In my dream another gone, one disappearing,

  This was not real as I was dreaming.

  In my dream, I saw paper napkins floating 
  Representing the loss, them going away.

  In my dream I awoke, a dream within a dream,

  As if I now understood the full meaning.

  When I did awaken I felt relief,

  They did not die, they were not taken.

  It was truly understood, my children were now gone,

  There was some loss as they would not return.

  My children of who I loved so much were reborn into 
  The adult world,
   I'll forever miss the laughter and play of the young 
  Innocent ones.
                                         Keith Garrett

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