HEY! HEY! THEY WERE THE MONKEES

   Hey! hey! they were the monkees, used to be here 
   But where did they go?

   Way back in the sixties they had their own t.v. show.

  They were all pretty silly and funny, an odd bunch,
  Wouldn't you say,

  People still love to watch them, oh! yes to this very 

  Davey was English, a short sort of a lad,

  A voice made for singing, banging the tamborine 
  that he had.

   Peter was like Harpo, quiet but funny,

   A piece of the puzzle to make them as one.

   Mike played his guitar and could really sing,

   Somewhat as the leader to all four he would bring.

  Mickey was funny, had a voice, and could play the guitar,

   Back in the past, maybe a pop star,

   Mickey Dolenz, Davey Jones, Mike Nesmith, Peter Tork.

                                Keith Garrett

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