" A WISH FOR YOU"

 If dreams could come true then I would 
 Dream of you,

 A rainbow might appear In the sky, If so 
 I would climb so high.

 On green, green grass If a four leaf clover 
 Were to be real,

 Give It to you with a thought that magic was 
 A woman dancing

 On a cloud, drifting with the wind, somewhere 
 In a wonderland.

 About a lamp of magic, a story for a young 
 Imagining child,

 Bags of gold and treasure chests, pirates 
 In tales of old.

 A kiss from a prince to awaken a sleeping 
 Beauty is of love,

 Walking In the moonlight, on a sandy beach, 
 Can be romantic.

 A wish for you of never ending happiness Is 
 Of hope and faith,

 My wish for you Is all of lifes wonderful 
 Gifts and smiles.

              Keith Garrett

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