ALONE IN THE DARK

 Everyone Is gone, I look around, silence               
 Is the sound,

 Where did they go, I do not know, I am 
 Somehow alone.

 A campsite of darkness Is a fun and peaceful 

 A warm fire, friends, and laughter will liven 
 Up the night.

 What a difference It makes when you're alone 
 In the dark,

 The lonely quiet that accompany's a fear that 
 Something is there.

 There are two parts, different views on being 
 Alone in the dark,

 Peace and time by yourself to breathe and think 
 Can be great.

 Wondering what's a danger or the silent dark 
 That scares a man,

 Fear of the unknown, afraid of being alone, 
 Alone in the dark.

                 Keith Garrett  

2 thoughts on “ALONE IN THE DARK

  1. Sometimes I don’t like dark, but other times it is very welcome. I used to very fearful of the dark, even too afraid to sleep, but not so much any more unless I am in unfamiliar territory.
    I like the thoughts in the poem….

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