SOUNDS' IN THE WIND

 The wind has no sound unless obstacles to 
 Blow around or between,

 Through nothing can It pass, an opening 
 Must make way for it.

 Travels' and swirls' across the sky with 
 Force and power,

 Since the existence of time It remains' 
 Alive but unseen.

 The crackling of branches and twigs from 
 The trees,

 Rustling of the leaves moving through the  
 Shrubs, wind has sound.

 Through chimneys' you can hear the wind 

 Fences creek, chimes let you know the wind 
 Is here.

 Windows' vibrate and trashcans' hit the ground 
 Like drumbeats,

 From our ears we hear sounds' In the wind.

                 Keith Garrett

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