"A MOMENT IN TIME"

 A speck of dust, a trickle of water,

 Soon would blow with the wind and dry 
 Into nothing.

 Our time s now fore we are a whisper wanting 
 To be heard,

 A short period for laughter, remembered for 
 What we leave.

 For so long has time existed, the world, the 
 Universe so large,

 We are but a fragment, a particle of all that 
 Was created.

 A moment In time was this gift we were given 
 From God above,

 A moment to see and love all there Is to 
 Understand from this.

 Where we go from here we shall not know, but 
 Hold no fear,

 Like many fallen leaves from a tree we are one, 
 We disappear.

               Keith Garrett   

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