SAIL WITH ME

 Give me this day, this moment In time,
 Dear friend,

 Come on board, come with me on a magical 

 If love Is In your hear, If care Is In your 
 soul, sweet one,

 Sail away, sail with me across the horizon, 
 Beyond, far beyond.

 Let the wind carry us through the morning fog,
 Into the rising sun,

 Together we watch as whales and dolphins sing 
 To all that listen.

 The water rises and falls as we glide across 
 Gods' playground,

 Come sit close, take hold of this hand, lay 
 Your head upon

 My strong shoulder as my words to you say let 
 Me be your man.

 Sail with me darling as the sun goes down and 
 The stars awake,

 Dream with me as we traavel Into the night, 

                   Keith Garrett

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