I awoke in the morning, I fell out of bed,

 A bad headache but no aspirin for my head.
 I went for a cup of coffee but only an empty 
 Maybe some toast but the butter was at the 
 I went to get the paper in a puddle of mud,

 The dog chewed up my shoes, what am I to do.

 Got dressed and headed for the car, off to work 
 I'll go,
 The car wasn't there, stolen wouldn't you know.

 Went to call the police, locked myself out of 
 The house,
 Headed for the bus stop, watched the bus drive 
 On by.
 I flagged down a cab, please get me to work,

 No wallet in my pocket, I gave him my watch.

 I walked through the door, fearing I was so 
 This is your day off, you don't work today.

 No way home so I put out my thumb,

 No one would stop, I walked all the way.

 I had not a key, Oh! what a day,

 I broke the window, the door was open all 
 The way.
 My T.V. was gone, the phone did not work,

 Nothing to eat, time for some sleep.

 I went to my room, the bed was gone,

 A day without sympathy, on the floor I did lay.

                                                                                    Keith Garrett

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