A BIG HEART

                                                                                           He was a small man but only in height,

                                                                                        He would lose his wife as a child was born.

                                                                                                 Lou was his name, a man so kind,

                                                                                     Trying to survive, taking care of his daughter.

 A job was needed, treated like some kind of 

                                                                                Turned away, desperate, he would steal for a meal.

 This is not who he was, why are people so 
 Ignorant and mean,

 Confined to jail by one who did not care, a much 
 Needed favor.

 A daughter in danger, this little man with a big 
 Heart was needed,

 Risk his life he would, even for those who did 
 Look down upon.

 A big heart in a man who did appear to stand 
 Taller than all,

                Keith Garrett

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