The sun shines bright, it then fades into 
 The dark of night,

 Just as the heart and soul of a human crawl 
 From the light into dark.

 To hide from the pain and sorrow of a tragic day, 
 Hide inside and go away,

 Try and forget in ways that at the time seem fine 
 To a broken mind.

 Trauma is a most unpleasant visitor as it has no 
 Sympathy or kindness,

 Steals from one the smile and sometimes brings 
 forever scars. much fear,

 Falling, a deep hole in which a soul believes    
 No escape, hurting the self appears the way,

 A path of destruction with no turning back, 
 But wait! there is surely a chance.

 You found your way lost, between darkness and light,  
 You must fight to make it back,

 Something has happened that ripped you apart, not 
 Fair but it was God's will.

 He knew you would fall, your test would be to 
 Find your way back from the darkness,

 You climbed out of that hole and with his hand  
 You also found your way back to the light,

 Today holds a piece of yesterday, forever a thought, 
 Life does move ahead, another day.

                Keith Garrett

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