MOTHER, DON'T LET ME DIE

 I'm a child, only a child who lies here 
 Under rubble dying!

 This I did not ask for but my fate rests In 
 God's powerful hands.

 I'm afraid fore I'm In such pain, why,! Oh 
 Why! must I die,

 The Earth exploded with a thundering sound 
 All around.

 Lord, as I lie here It Is that I think of my  
 Mother, oh! mother,

 Please take this from me, the fear and the
 Pain, I'm coming.

 "Mother" don't let me die! I need you tonight 
 At my side,

 Tears run down this little girls face, mother! 
 Don't let me die.

 If I must go then please In heaven make It so, 
 Let me go,

 " Mother" " mother" please don't cry, mother! 
 Don't let me die.

                  Keith Garrett

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