A CHANCE TO SEE

 A chance to see fore never have I been able 
 to walk in light,

 A chance to watch the sunrise as never before 
 Seen but dreamed.

 A chance to see the trees sway in the wind as 
 the wind never seen,

 A chance too see the mountains that I never 
 Thought a reality.

 A chance to see the clouds so big in the sky, 
 Drifting slowly by,

 A chance to see the waves in the ocean only 
 Heard through time.

 A chance to walk without a cane, to be free, 
 Walk, and see,

 A chance to see a smiling face that might 
 Smile back at me.

 A chance to see all the things that I have 
 Always dreamed,

 A chance to see what's never been before 
 these eyes,

 A chance, a chance, to see what is in front of me.

             Keith Garrett

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