FROM HEAVEN,

                 CAN YOU HEAR ME?

 I look to the sky, can you see me through 
 The clouds,

 I'm standing here Lord, what shall I do to 
 Make it today?

 From my eyes there are many tears that flow 
 To no end,

 In this body It Is my heart that cries for your 
 Help to ease my sorrow.

 Stand by me when my loneliness Is much more 
 Than I care bare,

 Take away this pain and anger that live In my 
 Soul as I move forward.

 Take from me these nightmares that visit when  
 I sleep oh! please,

 Let me rest as my body feels' so very tired 
 From this plight.

 From heaven, can you hear me, do you know who
 I am,

 Will you listen as I ask for your guiding hand?

              Keith Garrett


  1. He does know you. You are His beloved Child. Always know that. Know also that He hears you and knows what you need even more than you do. He loves you so much.

  2. This brought tears to my eyes, as I know I’ve sought relief many times, but my faith in the ultimate goodness of God, and his proven record of being trustworthy in and through my circumstances are what get me through these situations.
    A wise missionary friend once said that the question I should asked God is “What is it that I need to learn in this?”, and I’ve never forgotten that…..
    Thank you for your expression of these things in this poetic form.

  3. I know these feelings. I personally find I have to look for and choose to take joy in all of the little things and the many blessings to be found. It’s a daily struggle, but sometimes I’m happy to be winning the battle! I wish you JOY!

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