TREASURES OF THE LORD

 Into the darkness I stepped, wandering 
 Down a road,
 Left behind the trust and care for those 
 Whom hurt my soul.
 Alone I've stood on a hill so high, at the 
 Edge of the mountain,
 There was nothing for me to see, blinded by 
 What is humanity.
 Is this place I am in a creation of my own anger 
 And non-believing,
 Does darkness fade as the sun appears again 
 For a blind man?
 I've opened these eyes and learned to see 
 His masterpiece,
 The hills that are alive that rest beneath God's 
 Wide-open sky.
 The wind that sings as It blows through the 
 Ever so high trees,
 Rain that falls below Is a gift to us so that 
 We may watch life grow.
 From the sea to all that we need to be Is for 
 Us because he,
 Only he had a thought, the power to Imagine 
 That which we see.
 Treasures of the lord were placed down upon 
 From heaven,
 Only the greed of a man has stolen that which 
 To him belongs not.
 Every time I open my eyes the treasures of the 
 lord are seen,
 These are a gift, a reality that even the blind 
 May see.
    Keith Garrett

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