THY HEALING BREATH

 With a heart so pure, filled with love, 
 He does heal,

 Pain and suffering taken away, a gift given, 
 A miracle.

 With energy so strong and a powerful feeling 
 For life,

 From within his being, coming out Is a healing 

 The hurt and agony Is felt by this man, In his 
 Heart and mind,

 This misery and fear, he'll take from you Into 
 His own body.

 With his breath he'll Inhale the sadness and 
 Death from you,

 The cancer and ugliness of the world, he'll 
 Exhale and blow out.

 Into the wind, away from the good that lies within.

 Thought to be bad but In reality a good man judged

 Who he Is, you could not understand, thy healing 
 Breath, lies in this man.
 Keith Garrett


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