CATCH A DREAM

 We chase, search out and run as fast as we 

 While we sleep the greatest things can happen,

 Run do we very fast, jump so very high to touch
 The sky,

 Jump on the rooftop, flips in the air, slow motion
 If you please.

 Always for me, money floating down a stream, a pile 
 In the street,

 Just as it is grabbed by my hand disappears does it 
 As I become awake.

 We all have been there when a monster chases us and 
 Then we are elsewhere,

 Dreams are always so mixed up, at times tiring as we 
 Are in places of mystery.

 Floating in the air, suddenly in a bubble, we drift 
 Onward to where nothing makes sense,
 Catch a dream, hold on tight and bring it back home 
 With you tonight, any night.

 Catch a dream, dream, to be all that you hope to be, 
 dream the perfect scene.
                        Keith Garrett

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