A WALTZ FOR LOVERS

 She stands there dressed in a gown of 
 white satin,

 On her feet, soft shoes that sparkle in the 
 Light, tonight.

 Her hair made up like a princess at a ball, 
 She;s beautiful,

 Awaiting her handsome escort as he moves out
 On the floor.

 Dressed up in a tailored made suit of black,  
 He stares Into her eyes,

 Taking her hand as the music echoes into this 
 Magical night.

 Around and around they bounce and sway, waltz 
 A lovers waltz,

 These two become one as their bodies dance a 
 Lovers dance.

 Romance is in the air for two hearts searching 
 Loves mystery,

 A waltz for lovers, a night like no other, 
 A love between two.
                      Keith Garrett 

2 thoughts on “A WALTZ FOR LOVERS

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