LITTLE BOY LOST

 So young when daddy expected  you to be a man,

 The world wanted you so away was taken a boys 

 Sent down from heaven, a special gift to share 
 With the world,

 Your name would be Michael, a story for you to tell.

 Little boy, little boy, a smile so bright on your 

 Happiness and peace desired for this human race.

 With magical energy, you danced around the world,

 Songs from the heart, Michael! you've gone away.

 As you grew up you learned to be a child,

 Bringing joy to those children who had not a 

                                                                                        Little boy lost, now you've been found,

                                                                                Dancing and singing beyond the stars far away.

 A smile and some laughter remembered on a face,

 Michael, dear Michae, you are home, in heaven, 
 You rest.
               Keith Garrett

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