MR, CAN YOU SPARE A DIME? 
  Keith Garrett
 I am a human being,  Dirty are usually my 

 Don't judge me by the way I look, I have 
 Something to say.

 I was born to this world equal to all other 
 Women and men,

 The road we're on isn't always our road chosen 
 But we move on.

 Many days and nights experiencing life have made 
 Me who I am,

 Choices of my own desire, mistakes of foolishness 
 Have put me where I stand.

 Did I try not hard enough, perhaps my brain did not 
 Have a steady plan,

 Inside of me, there exists a heart of a human,  treat
 Me like I matter if you can.

 Mr, can you spare me a dime? I'll be forever grateful  
 Whether you believe it or not,

 To you a dime is nothing, wondering do you what this 
 coin can possibly do for me.

 A collection from this as the embarrassment may   
 Not show helps me greatly, thank you,

 Mr, can you spare a dime? If so then my day will  
 Be fine, Mr, can you spare a dime?       

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