MORTAL, I AM

 To walk on water is an amazing thing, I  
 Can not do,

 Flying across the sky, never will I fly, a 
 Thought from my mind.

 Through walls of solid, never will my physical 
 Body walk,

 I have not the power to raise my hands and change 
 The world.

 To part, the sea is a wonder that I've not yet seen,

 Fire I can'not make rain from the sky, no not I.

 I have not the ability to hide from pain,

 Fear is an emotion that lives in the human being.

 I am not God for it is that I may bleed and do,

 I breathe the air but no guarantee of a tomorrow.

 Mortal, I am, for now here I'll stand and walk this 

 Older I'll get as surely I will not live forever 
 In this place.

 One day I'll die and pray that my new home will be 
 Beyond the sky.

               Keith Garrett

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