MY HOMETOWN

 Nineteen sixty two is when my life began,

 Born in the Winter in a snowy Eastern land.

 Amesbury, Massachusetts so far from where I am,

 The past comes to visit me, memories of a man.
 A mother, a father, one still lives on,

 Father of a child went away while I was young.

 I think of a home, a place in the snow,

 Icicles hanging from the roof, a snowman standing
 Batman, on a small bike I did ride,

 Snow covered branches, lightning in the sky.

 Building blocks of many shapes and colors,

 A monsters head rests on my dresser, Herman 
 Was his name.
 Names I remember, where are they now,

 A best friend by the name of Donnie, it was you.

 Bonnie was his sister, Hamilton's I recall,

 Two brothers, Johnny and Jimmy, a sister I now 
 A hill by the name of poe or pole, a dream in 
 The snow,
 Grapes on the vines, tree branches below,

  My hometown of Amesbury, so long ago.

               Keith Garrett

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