IF I WASN'T ME

 You would not know me, my face, my name a 

 The voice that becomes a stranger to you, 
 Would not be known.

 Pass me by without a thought, no emotion or  
 Care, a stare,

 There would for you be no memory of me, no 
 Late night dream.

 If I wasn't me, would you wish to see, hear, 
 Or smile at me,

 Would you be in want of a kiss without pain, 
 A touch with no scare.

 Would a second thought be a possibility if I 
 Was a different me,

 If I wasn't me, would you not forget me, would 
 I still be a something?

               Keith Garrett

2 thoughts on “IF I WASN’T ME

  1. That is, just it, until something bad, happens to, someone closest to us, we really, don’t pay any attention, and can, careless, and that’s, exactly why this world, is, in its, current, state of, mess right now.

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