IN A DREAM

 I saw you wandering in a dream,

 In the dark, quiet as you searched.

 Not a word spoken from your lips,

 What do you seek haunted one?

 I can't find my way back home as each night
 I roam,

 It is you who see me wandering in a dream.

 What do you search for asking one, 

 You are the dreamer who saw me wandering.

 Now tell me wanderer, who is the dreamer and who's 
 In the dream,

 Is it only I and are you the dream.

 You call me the haunted one but who is the haunted,

 Not a word from my lips but you are the sleeping 

 What is it that you seek, why can't you find your 
 Own way home,

 I do not know as sometimes i am in the dark and quiet.

               Keith Garrett

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