NO THOUGHTS TODAY

 Not a poem do I write this day, not a thought 
 To display,

 I have not much to say, written words are few, 
 What can I say.

 My mind seems a bit tired, weary am I from a few 
 Years of war,

 I'm thinking but all is scrambled, trying too hard 
 Is a tiring job.

 Some projects, working in the yard will be of 
 Peace as I wonder,

 I'm sure that I will come back here and visit 
 As the day moves on.

 No thoughts today as I set my mind at ease, 
 Disappear into a quiet place,

 I need to breathe easy and take myself away but 
 I will return soon.

 No thoughts today, as you may read, I have 
 Not much to say.

               Keith Garrett

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