There was a time when as a small boy I ran 
 And played like others,

 Reading books was my every day thing, I 
 Remember a child's life.

 Something was happening to me but I was scared 
 And hoped it would fade,

 A shaky hand turned Into a life that would become 
 A hell not for any man.

 Slowly as I age, and young still I decay In my mind, 
 My body does not function,

 Control of my soul Is not mine as this horrible 
 Monster conquers what is mine.

 I do not realize that time goes by In the length of 
 So many years as I am dead but alive,

 My existence Is known and seen by strangers and a  
 Mother but no! not me.

 I'm alive on the Inside but they think I've gone 
 Far, far, away, I have something to say,

 If what Is hell could be worse than where I am then  
 I should not complain about my pain.

 I want them to know that I am alive Inside, I am a  
 Person that has only died on the outside,
 I am alive!  I am alive!.

                  Keith Garrett

5 thoughts on “ALIVE ON THE INSIDE

  1. Well I haven’t read any of your work in a while. I understand this to be something mainly teens and young adults would like ( I’m not sure that was your intention). I say that because they tend to say and write about being dead on the outside or inside, and crying out for help or at least understanding.
    That being said, it was interesting. In some ways, it sounds like a tormented, possibly insane person. It’s a 2 thumbs up!

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