CAVE OF DARKNESS

 Have you ever been In a cave, was It light 
 Wandering in,

 Did you venture further Into the dark, cold, 

 How far In do you think this cave of darkness 
 Really goes,

 Caves exist all over the world, many different 
 and unusual types.

 Bears are known to be a common visitor as well 
 As other animals,

 Who can say how long these caves have been there 
 And what stories.

 Maybe things of treasure have been buried and rest 
 In there for centuries,

 Are there those lost for such a long time now a 
 Part of every caves darkness?

 Many have explored and searched for hidden valuables 
 Throughout time,

 How many were lost, those who walked out were and are 
 The fortunate ones,

 A cave of darkness, mystery and adventure.

             Keith Garrett

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