IMAGINE THIS!

 Take a moment and Imagine this! love so real,

 A most special love, only to a woman who can't

 Think of a world where pain and sorrow are only a

 Where laughter and smiles wake you to each sunrise.

 What If hunger and sickness were but a childs' 

 Selfishness and hate were a demon caged In a place
 Of nomore.

 Could love be forever as the moon shows Its' face In 
 The sky,

 Ask this beyond the sky to where heaven lies, Is all 

 Imagine this! Is a kiss just a kiss, to the blind 
 Hearted only this,

 To eyes that meet anothers,' a connection may 
 Forever exist.

 Imagine this! If dreams' and wishes came true, I 
 Dream of you,

 Your special wish would come true, Imagine this!

               Keith Garrett    

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