Forty six years old, dust and cobwebs, they 
 Waited for me,

 These books I remember during my years at a 
 long ago school.

 Bernardo Yorba is where I made my journey on an 
 Early morning cruise,

 When I saw those yearbooks, what memories they 
 Brought to me.

 When I opened those yearbooks there was before my 
 Eyes, yesterday,

 Turning the pages showed me many ghosts of friends, 
 Images from the past.

 I picture them moving along across the school campus, 
 Laughing as once before,

 The sounds of those school days I can hear in my head, 
 Looking through books.

 Action shots from our years at a school, Bernardo Yorba, 
 A little fun back then,

 Pictures of teachers, some are gone now, their voices 
 Echo through yearbooks.

         Keith Garrett

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