" FACE OF A MAN"

 Look my way, stare Into these aging eyes of green, 
 I've seen,

 Hair of a lost blonde, long gone, reflections' 
 Of change.

 Once whiskers' of a darkness, now a different shade 
 Of life,

 A smile always the same If not hidden beneath sorrow 
 Or pain.

 Lines appear on this face when seen through the days'

 Growing older but never so old as to give up the search, 
 I'm searching.

 Through the tears' laughter finds' a face of love wanted, 
 My face,

 Look my way, this Is the face of a man, expressions' 
 Of thought show through.

 More than a stare, a smile, or many pictures combined 
 From a world of time,

 Take a closer look, give one more stare, understand 
 The face of a man.

                    Keith Garrett  

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