GOMERO CIRCLE 

 For my family this street did once exist,  
 It's there each day,

 We were all just young children, run all 
 Day and play.

 We left It behind, most of It lost from our

 A street with a name, each house had a friend 
 Who went away.

 When does a street become a family, together we
 Share and disappear,

 I remember a friend, Michael John, where have 
 You been?

 Nine was I as you were only seven, We ran and 
 Played in the Summer sun,

 Amber was a fine, little dog, You were my friend 
 From a long time ago.

 Gomero Circle was a part of our lives, a girl named 
 Robin, Marcy, and Tony,

 Running down the street, mud and water touched our 
 Small feet.

 Nineteen seventy one, so much fun laughing, rememeber 
 A Childhood that's done,

 We thought It was our own as today there are new lives 
 That do roam.

                 Keith Garrett

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