INTO THE WIND

 I met a girl named Leah, she was from Nebraska,

 It certainly was not the promised land nor her 
 Out in the street is a real world, you have to 
 Walk the line,
 This life can be a great thing, a leap of faith 
 Is needed.
 We went to the zoo and saw the lions den,

 The last carnival of the Summer was today.

 I always thought my best was never good enough,

 With Leah, this depression of mine was gone.

 Life itself was now wonderful, the light of day 
 Was magic,
 We are alive! no more a lonesome day.

 We went off to find our lucky town together,

 My city of ruins is now left behind.

 It's the price you pay for decisions made,

 We're livin' in the future now, one step up.

 I've learned to have love of the common people,

 Walk like a man my father would say.

 I asked her, "let's be friend's skin to skin'

 If we part then we won't say the long goodbye.

 The fever I got was gone now, I got medicine 
 From a place open all night,
 I told her you're missing the moonlight, watch 
 With me.
                Keith Garrett  

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