I wish I were blind from some of the things 
 I've seen,
 While out in the street many sad and haunting 
 Things were to be.
 Could somebody tell me where it is that thunder
 Road lives,
 I heard it was somewhere down by the river.

 You know it takes a leap of faith to live through 
 Each morning we wake to the rising, it has meaning.

 When we feel alone, it only takes a little human 
 Otherwise, at times we just want to fade away.

 Once walking the streets of Philadelphia, I felt
 Before me was a darkness on the edge of town.

 Have you ever had a lonesome day, everything seemed
 You were the nothing man, searching for your land 
 Of hope and dreams.
 I went back to my hometown, i had to drive all night,

 Atlantic City was the place, that was my lucky day.

 It was warm out, everywhere there were girls in their 
 Summer clothes,
 There I stood, Living proof that life is good.

 In my thoughts, like Springsteen, I want to say I'm a
 You know it's a man's job to take care of his family.

 I believe everyone is born to run, and I know two heart's 
 Are better than one,
 I'll work for your love sweetheart, because I love you.

 The wrestler takes it one day at a time, he survives,

 In certain situations I am tougher than the rest.

 Some are forced to live in places that resemble a 
 Remember, to survive in this world the phrase is none     
 But the brave.
                  Keith Garrett  

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