A clock may stop In the middle of a day,
 Time keeps on ticking ones' life away.

 Measured by years' the number you are,
 How old will you get, will your existence go far.

 Months' are a piece of time In your life,
 As each passes by, shorter becomes your flight.

 Weeks are measured seven days' at a time,
 Fifty two as twelve months' go by.

 A day has twenty four hours' for you,
 The sun comes up and goes down too.

 hour by hour our days' will pass,
 No slowing them down so our lives will not go fast.

 What Is a minute but sixty ticks at a time,
 Second by second older we find.

              Keith Garrett

2 thoughts on “TIME STANDS NOT STILL

  1. I’ve always thought that daily life seems to pass by slowly, normally but measured against the pace of history & human activities, it’s speeding so so fast!

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