DAILY PLEASURES

 Wake to the morning, a cup of tea or coffee,

 Feeling the sun shine on a chilly, Fall morning.

 Something to eat, as again hunger visits me,

 A shower, a hug from maybe someone you love.

 Feeling good as health is a precious gift to enjoy,

 A stroll down the street, just my headphones and me.

 A breath of life from morning through the dark of night,

 Taken for granted at times, daily pleasures are so fine.

             Keith Garrett

2 thoughts on “DAILY PLEASURES

  1. It’s, the simplest things in life, that we often take, for, granted, and, in times like these, when we see lives lost, every single day, we finally, realze, just how these, smaller, blessings, mean, so very much.

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