CAN ANIMALS DO THIS

 This is for the children, a story I tell,

 Listen quietly, can animals do this?

 Did you ever see a duck drive a truck,

 Can a Baboon fly a rocket to the moon.

 Have you ever seen a Giraffe laugh,

 Did you ever watch a lion that was crying.

 Do you suppose a snake would eat a piece of cake,

 Does a mouse eat cheese and live in a house.

 Can a frog sing to a barking dog,

 Does a bird know a word, one that you've heard.

 Can a cat laugh with a bat,

 Did you ever see a moose kicking a goose.

 What if a chimp could fly a blimp,

 Do you think  that a bear can fly through the air.

 Maybe a horse can say of coure, of course,

 Do you think that a cow can go meow.

 Have you ever seen a goat drive a boat,

 What about a sheep that swims so deep.

 Can animals do this, what do you think,

 Off to sleep, time to dream.

                 Keith Garrett     

6 thoughts on “CAN ANIMALS DO THIS?

  1. Bed time stories can be educative. People may do things totally uncharacteristic of them. Inside every human there are myriad of animals. Few do things that we did not expect.
    Thanks for your post.

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