RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

 The span of life Is short In time,

 To do as much as you can before you're gone.

 There's no place to run, there's no escape,

 The process of aging can't be beat.

 Take things' slow and the days' still pass,

 If you move fast they don't slow down.

 Run, run, run for your life,

 Inside the clock keeps' on ticking until 
 There is nomore time.

 Don't waste time worrying about dying,

 Spend every moment trying to live life to the 

 Keep on moving, creating energy, slow down and 
 You'll die,

 Search and search as much as you can find.

 You do not see It now, your end Is nowhere In sight,

 So take It all In, run for your life.

  Keith Garrett

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