A CHANGING MAN

 Sit down my darling, sit back and relax, 
 Just listen,
 I'm here to tell you a story about the life 
 Of a man.
 Like an outlaw roaming the countryside, day to day,

 Mistakes not realized as he rides blindly Into 
 Selfish and angry, as this anger stole the beauty 
 And hope
 Of what the world had to offer, nothing seen through 
 His eyes.
 Riding each day Into every sunset, never watching It 
 Go down,
 Wasting time, running from a chance for happiness, 
 This man.
 Into his life one day, a woman of such beauty, In his 
 Eyes he did see,
 Still taking for granted all there could be, holding 
 Onto mistrust.
 She went away, she went far away, she saw the sunset, 
 Not he,
 A changing man lives today, he rides and rides with 
 His head held high.
 Mistakes understood, selfishness gone away, anger 
 turned to laughter,
 He can see the beauty of this world through his now 
 Opened eyes.
 Wasting no time as he does not run, he watches the 
 Sun go down,
 Someday with her again to see the sunrise, to watch 
 The sun go down.
 A changing man can see, a changing man Is he.

                                                                                                                                 Keith Garrett 

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